Our values

We recognise and understand the importance of our team culture and the impacts that it has both within and outside the workplace.


We focus on creating positive outcomes for our clients, communities & people.

The Finity values are at the centre of our business. Living these values is critical in ensuring everyone feels included within the workplace and feel supported to strive for more. 


Clients first

We provide outstanding service to our clients, identifying their real needs in order to provide tailored solutions. We partner with clients to build long term relationships. We measure our success by that of our clients.




Our advice is of unquestioned technical quality, and is communicated clearly. We provide commercial insights to our clients. We act with ethics and integrity, and without bias or self-interest. We strive to add value by continuously improving what we do.




We contribute to the industries where we operate, and to our professional networks.  We aim to operate sustainably. We give back to the community via charitable and pro bono activities.




We respect and trust each other, recognising the diverse range of talent in the firm. We give people opportunity and responsibility to contribute to the firm, and work collaboratively.

We communicate openly and transparently. We keep our promises, expecting and demonstrating accountability.




We recognise individual effort and achievements. We celebrate our people’s work and non-work successes. We support career development and help people to fulfil their potential. We give honest and open feedback. We are supportive in difficult times.



Rule of reason

We make open and fair decisions based on what makes sense. We value ideas on their merit. Our people enjoy autonomy, in an environment where hierarchy and bureaucracy are kept to a minimum.


"When I started at Finity, I was amazed by the breadth and depth of knowledge across the firm. Giving back, through thought leadership and other industry collaboration, is something we pride ourselves on."
Gokul Chandrasekaran
Senior consultant Read more
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